Monica Mirabile is a Peformance Artist and  Choreographer.
Born in Clearwater, Florida in 1988.

Currently a New York resident, Mirabile’s work explores performance as behaviour. Her choreographed productions focus on the information we’ve had no choice but to absorb. Her movement vocabulary elaborates on how authority, power, support and manipulation operate inside the body. Here she is pointing to the antidote within the problem with playful and poetic sentiment. Her work is deeply collaborative and aims to stimulate an emergent consciousness around alternative economies and new models.

Mirabile is one half of Fluct where she collaborates with Sigrid Lauren.

Mirabile founded Otion Front Studio in 2013. She currently operates it with the help of an ever expanding community of friends & family. Otion Front is a performance studio in Brooklyn focused on providing affordable space and time to cultivate and practice performance art and dance with deep curiosity.