a movement therapy.


We absorb information and let it move through us if we know how to. Sometimes this information is absorbed without our knowing and we find that we dont know what to do with it, especially when we’re young. Stagnant information finds itself holding on within our central and peripheral nervous systems, threading into our subtle body. Often, this holding  can affect the ways that we move and more often the ways that we treat  ourselves and others. Effectively, we move differently as we find grounding.

Your Session:

Unblocking is a 2.5-3hr one on one therapeutic movement process engaging with the places you have held information in your body and moving it through. It is a grounding modality focusing on creative modes of procesing information often having an impact on your personal creative practice. 

I guide you through a protocol that includes guided meditation, movement, talk therepy and auricular acupuncture. Each session brings new information but my  approach remains the same. We trust what occurs and we learn together.

The central focus is  to move your spirit to reach the edges on your skin.

Each session is sliding scale $120-$200

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*I offer a few sessions a month for people who are in financial hardship as 
“pay what you can”. If  this is you, please email me monica@otionfront.com