Performance Mentoring


Performance art is a particular medium that holds multiple processes within it. The medium can not be divorced from exactly who we are. The ephemeral nature of its magic is within the liveness of its being in a body. It is all inclusive, therepeutic and made to witness. Having such a practice can be as revealing as it is overwhelming and often the connections found within it come out in its very processing. 

Being a performance artist, performance organizer and educator  for 14+ years and counting, I still have an  obsession with the power of performance and i like to share the experience of processing this work in addition to sharing what ive learned and what im learning.


I provide guidance and mentorship to performing artists and individuals looking to dive deeper into their process or get feedback on current work. This takes a different shape depending on the individual and the project.

I start with a 2 hour block and we decide from their how to move forward.

2 hour sessions are $150

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If you are new to performance or are looking to feel more grounded in your body/mindhistory experience
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